A Someday Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Sale

Why the empty real estate? I'm moving.... or something like that. This blog has been weighing heavy on my heart as of late. Looking back on the last three years of blogging I have realized that this was my home for a good part of those years. This is where I turned to for advice, comfort, and acceptance. Something I couldn't find in my real life most of the time while struggling with IF. It's a lonely place to be. But I was there along with a lot of amazing people. This place made the ride a little easier, actually a lot easier. The last two days I spent reading, printing, and deleting my old home. It was an emotional experience to say the least. The posts were cathartic at times but the comments were what really made this house a home. The kindness, warmth, and concern that each of my fellow roommates left were what got me through some of "those" days. You cried, laughed, and hoped right along with me and I could not have asked for better friends - friends that I have never met in real life but will have a connection with forever. Thank you. Your support has humbled me then and it humbled me again over the last two days and will hopefully continue to humble me in the future. But I have outgrown this house, thankfully.

I'm not quite sure where I will settle in next. I hope to still follow you. If you would like to follow me, comment below. I will still keep this spot open for now and let you know my forwarding address. Until then, happy blogging! You may not realize this now but you are making a difference in somebody's life - yesterday, today, and tomorrow!